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Mission Statement:  To create a positive environment for members to grow and further their education.  


MONDAY: A284679 FOR $2590 -CLAIMED




FRIDAY: E265969 FOR $40,553 - CLAIMED

SATURDAY: F463435 FOR $18,830 - CLAIMED 

Any inquiries, please email we will be more than happy to help out.  Please  don't post your question on FB.  

2018/19 MEMBERSHIP go to click on the member login at the top

Membership applications must be completed online. Find all your information at under memberships. You MUST be set up in the system. The NHSRA Form, Release, Member Profile and June report cards are needed (payments: $125 (membership), $100 (sponsorship) post-dated Feb 1, 2019 & $50 (volunteer) post-dated Dec 1, 2018.



August 25/26 Big Beaver
Sept 1/2/3 Rosthern
Sept 8/9 Swift Current
Nov 19 Agribition


This will be finalized at mid-winter meeting in February.

SHSRA CLOTHING - if you are wanting to put in an order, please go to forms,  SHSRA clothing form has been updated and send to Lisa Lockie @

Scholarships awarded to High School Division at Provincial Finals as follows, in all events except Cutting & Reined Cow/Horse & shooting
1st - $500.00
2nd - $400.00
3rd - $300.00
4th - $200.00
5th - $100.00




Can be found under the Forms and then misc. 2018/19 Cinch Team - Jr Divison


Rodeo Team
- Kate Anderson
- Halle Gaudry
- Ashley Weber
- Mackenzie Shauf
- Mia Box
- Houston Stover
- Grady Young
- Colter Froshaug
- Kavis Drake
- Hayden Bigney
- Cash Anderson
- Gage Hillis

2018/19 Cinch Team- HS Division


-Megan Guest
- Austin Leposa
- Paige Mizu
- Danita Esmond
- Brandy Fettes
- Cassidy Weber
- Grace Keeley
- Chance Sjogren
- Weston Davidson
- Morgan Anderson
- Chase Quam
- Denton Dunham
- Dawson Stover
- Tanner Skene


If anyone has any concerns or complaints you need to mail or email a signed and dated letter to or mail to Lawrence Gaudry Box 87 Domremy, Sk.   Do not text or call a board member. Sask Horse Federation membership

anyone planning on attending nationals needs to purchase SHF individual membership in order to receive a portion of the team travel grant money.   Ambulances

SHSRA rodeos (approved by Board) will provide either an ambulance or a qualified treatment centre equipped with at least 2 emergency responders.  The Board will review each rodeo approval and take into consideration the location of each rodeo. Student-At-Large

This position will be awarded $500 scholarship. Thanks to the Demmans Family for stepping up to looking after the banners once again for the 2018/19 year. Home Town Entries

NON-MEMBERS CAN ENTER 1 (Weekend) RODEO if they have never hometowned a previous SHSRA rodeo.  
If you are interested in entering one of our rodeos, to check out our organization, you will pay an insurance fee plus entry fees. Non-members will need to fill out the Release with all signatures and it must be notarized and brought to the secretary before you enter (this form is under Memberships/Downloads and Forms).

NEW MEMBER INFORMATION can be found under the membership forms tab


Membership Information

All memberships must be filled out online by going to NHSRA.COM and clicking on the member log in tab. If you are a new member, you must set up an account. All existing members click on the left hand side of the page- returning members. - Cheque in amount of $125.00 (Membership Fees) - Post-dated cheque (December 1st) in amount of $50.00 o Volunteer for 50/50 Agribition or cheque will be cashed - Post-dated cheque (March 1st in amount or $100.00) o Sponsorship (if you bring in sponsor of $400.00 or more, you will get this cheque back) If you don’t, your $100.00 cheque will be cashed. In addition, if you do not bring in $400, you will be responsible for paying for your Canadians Qualifier Coat. (Feb. 10, 2018) If you bring in $400, this Qualifier jacket is free for you. - Prior to the 1st Spring Rodeo, you must upload your latest report card o NHSRA By-laws state you must be a student in good standing to compete. o You need to provide your report card as proof or forfeit the right to compete at SHSRA Finals WEBSITE The website is our main source of communication with the membership throughout the year. Please check it often for updates, changes, or information. All rodeos, results, entry dates, and point standings will be on the website. Email for the SHSRA is: if you would like anything on the website that you are not seeing. FACEBOOK Make sure you join the SHSRA Facebook page to ensure you get the latest messages or news. This is to be used as an information site only. ONLINE ENTRIES click on menu and then online entries. Open 20 days Ahead of rodeos and close 12 days before. Good practise to enter asap so you don't forget. Midnight of the internal computer clock on the Sunday will close it out. Make sure you enter each day. Once you go online and enter, you should receive a confirmation email ASAP. (There is a glitch with our program that lately the email response is not working. However, you will know that you are entered if you try to enter a second time and it tells you that you are already entered for that rodeo.) You MUST enter each day separately (ie: enter for Saturday and then go back in and enter for Sunday). If you are entering a team, you need to add your partner in. If your partner has already entered your team, you will not be able to go in and enter. Make sure that you check the draw on the website to make sure that you are entered in all of your events. If you are not, you need to contact Michelle ASAP and not wait to advise once you get to the rodeo. - If a member misses entries, if in Timed event they run 1st or if in barrels/poles they run last, and they pay double the Entry Fee. The money goes to the rodeo committee hosting. (SHSRA May 7, 2016) - ** It must be notified that you are a medical turnout prior to the draw or else you will be treated as a turnout and all fees will be paid. [NHSRA Rulebook- Contestant Disqualifications c. Rodeo (2) (c) (d)] LATE ENTRIES If member misses entries during the entry dates, they are able to enter but will have to pay double fees. You cannot wait and show up at the rodeo as the contractors need to be made aware. These double fees will be given to the hosting committee. HOMETOWN ENTRIES If a new member (not a prior member) hometowns and chooses to purchase their membership after the 1st performance, they can count their points from that date. If they decide to purchase their membership that weekend, they are able to enter the following weekend’s rodeo, even though entry date is over. AMBULANCE All approved rodeos by the Board will need to provide either an ambulance or a qualified treatment centre equipped with at least 2 approved emergency responders. (SHSRA April 7, 2016) AGRIBITION Fundraiser 50/50 tickets- We will be selling 50/50 tickets daily at Agribition. This requires a LOT of people to come and sell tickets to make this successful. A schedule will be organized. If you do not show up to sell 50/50, your $50.00 Volunteer post-dated cheque will be cashed. BROKEN PATTERNS- BARRELS/POLES Members are asked to either leave the arena if they break pattern OR to finish their run in a timely manner. No reversing, walking, trotting, or going around the barrels or poles more than once. HELPING It is APPRECIATED that every parent take a turn calling the kids in to be ready to compete, opening a gate, raking barrels, setting up poles, etc. DRAWS Draw partners for Team Roping and Ribbon Roping will be 4 day Rodeos. (NHSRA) In a team event, if your partner is unable to compete due to injury, you can draw a partner as long as you have not already used your 4 draws. (SHSRA Aug. 18. 2017) CUTTING & WORKING COWHORSE Members competing in the cutting/WCH have to compete at 1 even or have 1 point to qualify for their Cutting/WCH Provincial Finals. They would take 10 points to the Finals and then 20 points will be awarded at the Provincial Finals. Only points earned at Finals will count towards All Around. SHOOTING Shoots are held throughout the year in communities with appropriate facilities in order to prepare members who are interested in competing at the National competition. There are no points that go towards the All Around during the year or at the Finals. Points are not kept track of by Michelle. Some provinces don’t even have shooting. If you are interested in this event, find out who the Shooting Director is and contact them for more information. The top 4 SHSRA Shooters are eligible to compete in shooting at Nationals. DESIGNATED BARREL- POLE BENDING HELPERS The Student Event Directors will have a workers list posted on Facebook and will post the list in the office. If appointed helpers miss their turn or do not have a replacement, there will be a fine of $25.00, 2nd offence fine doubles, 3rd offence is a meeting with the Board of Directors. Fines must be paid prior to competing in their 1st Event. If fine is not paid, member will not be allowed to compete in their events. Event Directors will notify the office and then you will be called to take care of this fine. Fine is to be paid at the office. In the event the office is closed, pay the Event Director. If your name is on the list, show up or have a replacement there. Make sure your replacement advises the Student Event director that they are your replacement. (SHSRA Feb 9, 2014) Duties are to help mark the pattern at the designated time and to assist in the arena during the event setting up the barrels and poles. COMPLAINTS All complaints are to be in writing, signed, dated, and submitted to the Board for review. DISCIPLINARY ACTION 1st Offence is a Verbal Warning by the Board to the member. 2nd Offence would be to miss the next 1 Day Rodeo 3rd Offence is suspended Membership for remainder of the Season (SHSRA May 7, 2016) Become familiar with the NHSRA Rules and Bylaws to know what is required to be a Member in Good Standing. STOCK DRAW Luck of the Draw. Members can draw the same stock for both days as it is considered 2 different rodeos. The Provincial Finals has an Average and is considered one rodeo and so you are not able to draw the same stock during the course of the Finals. DRESS CODE You must be in dress code at all times when at or in the arena. [NHSRA Rulebook- Contestant Disqualifications 6. a) ATTIRE] Jackets are not to be worn UNLESS the rule has been waived for that performance due to weather. It will be announced if it is waived. SET UPS There is NO setups except for the member’s OWN Graduation and Provincial Track. You will compete 1st in your event when taking your Set Up Stock DISCREPANCY IN EVENT “The decision of any judges, flagmen, or timers will be final, and no protest by contestant will be permitted, except first through the contestant event director, or a National Director, or Arena Director. Such protest must be made before the end of the performance or slack in which the question arose. If the National Director or Arena Director determines that the protest is based upon a possible misinterpretations of an even rule, the National Director or Arena Director shall at the first convenient opportunity, describe the protest and the interpretation of the rule upon which it is based to the judge. If the judge agrees that an erroneous ruling was made and that the error is correctable, then the judge shall modify the ruling accordingly. Otherwise, the decision shall stand.” [NHSRA- General Rules for Contestants. 14.] You are never to speak to the judge without first going to the Director- Student or Adult. No parents are to approach a judge regarding a run/ride. Both Student and Adult Event directors are to be in the arena during the whole event. ATTENDING NATIONALS/CANADIANS Paperwork for both Nationals and Canadians NEEDS to be completed at Provincial Finals immediately after awards. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! Signatures are needed by BOTH parents- unless you have sole custody. In order to receive a portion of the team grant for attending Nationals from Sask Horse Federation, you must be an individual member of SHF. FUNDRAISING Progressive 50/50 tickets will be given out to each member. Tickets are priced at $100.00. It is mandatory for each member to hand the sold and unsold tickets back in to be able to compete at the SHSRA Finals. Lottery requires that all tickets be accounted for. There will be a top sell Scholarship incentive awarded as follows: Top seller- $500.00, 2nd Top Seller- $400.00, 3rd Top Seller- $300.00, 4th Top Seller- $200.00, 5th Top Seller- $100.00 SCHOLARSHIPS Scholarships awarded to High School Division at Provincial Finals as follows, in all events except Cutting & Reined Cow/Horse & shooting 1st - $500.00, 2nd - $400.00, 3rd - $300.00, 4th - $200.00, 5th - $100.00 SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE TO GRADE 12 STUDENTS Applications and information are on the website under FORMS No application will be considered past the April 1st deadline. The SHSRA allows the member the time frame of 2 years after graduation to claim the scholarship with a receipt of payment of further education or proof of paid tuition. This can be emailed to and then you will be mailed or provided a cheque from the Treasurer. FLAG CARRIERS We have many Sponsorship flags to fly at our Grand Entries. The Queen has the right to take a Member’s back number to the Board if you refuse her request to carry a flag. Members should be coming to the Queen to say they will carry a flag and not make the Queen come and find flag carriers. We have many people who are invested in our Association and one of the ways we show our appreciation is to fly their flags in the Grand Entry. This is to be taken very seriously. Volunteer. B POOL BULLS On your first entry of the year, you must declare if you are an A Pool or B Pool Bull Rider. If you declare B Pool, then no points you earn count to qualify you for Canadians or for Nationals. They would only count towards the Sask B Pool Year End Buckle. Anytime during the year you can enter as an A Pool Bull Rider. After that ride (1 exemption only), you decide if you are going to return to B Pool or stay as an A Pool. If you decide to move to A Pool, your points you accumulate in B Pool stay in B Pool towards the B Pool Year end. (You cannot ride at B Pool at the Finals.) You then ride A Pool for the rest of the season and cannot return to B Pool. Only A Pool Bull riders qualify for Canadians and Nationals. All regular bull riding rules apply to B Pool Bull Riding. [SHSRA Aug. 29, 2015] END OF THE ARENA RULE End of the arena rule in the JH & HS rodeos for all timed events. The rope must be on the animal by the time it crosses a line at the end of the arena. This line will be different at each arena and will be determined by the arena director and all timed event directors. This will not be effective at the Prov Finals (SHSRA Aug 9, 2014) This applies to Junior and Senior Breakaway, Junior and Senior Tie Down Roping, Steer Wrestling (removed Team Roping Aug. 29, 2015) ONE HANDED and TWO HANDED JUNIOR BULL RIDING Two handed will not qualify for Nationals/Canadians HAVE to compete at Finals or have 1 Point riding One handed at Finals Season Leader Jr Bull Riding Buckle, Finals Jr Bull Riding Buckle, and Finals One Handed Jr Bull Riding Buckle Scenarios is that you could win the Jr. Bull Riding but not qualify for Canadians/Nationals (May 7, 2016) Judges officiating any SHSRA sanctioned event must document on their score sheets whether rider is 1 handed or 2 handed. [Aug. 18, 2017] Spring 2017 Special Members Meeting

Scott called meeting to order at 8:33pm. Board of directors was introduced. Parents & competing members were in attendance. FINANCIALS – Tammy advised she was busy at work and only copied 40 and if anyone requires a copy to email her and she will email financial stm out to them. Koralie reported - advised that SHSRA has an open door policy and if anyone has questions throughout the year to feel free to contact the board or herself regarding the financials and she will explain. She went over the Financial Statement and answered any questions that were presented. - Yearend is July 31st of every year and is very difficult to have the Financial Statement complete & ready for the AGM, so that is why we present at this meeting. *Deb McClintock makes motion that the SHSRA waive our review engagement and proceed with a notice to reader for the 2016-17 Fiscal year by an accredited accounting firm. Shelby Lockie 2nd it, vote done, cd. Walt & Tammy explained how Nationals & Canadians work with provincials coming up. Michelle explained the point system coming into & at finals. Dawn Hillerud advised that the online auction went over very good bringing in roughtly $8700.00. She explained how the sponsorship works that each member should attempt to bring in $400 worth of sponsorship. Baylee Farr advised if anyone wants to run for Queen for upcoming year, they will have a short meeting right after. Karla Hicks adjourned meeting 8:50pm. Tannis 2nd it. May News Letter

New Business • All Contestants current report cards must be either entered on the NHSRA website, emailed to LeeAnne Skene or brought to Nipawin or members will be unable to enter and compete in Provincial Finals. • All Families are required to sell a book of Saskatchewan Horse Federation Tickets; January Legault will continue handing them out in Nipawin • The SHSRA AGM will be held Saturday in Nipawin, location and time will be announced at a closer date. o We are looking for Adult & Student Event Directors for all Junior & High school events. Speak with your student executive o Board of Director & Student Executive Positions available. If you are interested, please speak with any current board or student executive • Its not too late: If you are Interested in competing to be our Provincial Queen please speak to Janet Guest or Shelby Lockie • SHSRA is now a paperless association; all applications etc will be completed and submitted online. All online information is available at the NHSRA website Emails were sent to all members from the National office, please check your junk or trash folders if you have not received your email please let LeeAnne know immediately. Thank you o Please remind your NHSFR Qualifiers to enter their bio information into the membership program in a very timely manner! Once the NHSRA office has the Finals information from each province and processed the entries, the contestants can no longer enter their bio into their profile. • The confirmed Fall of 2018 rodeo dates have been confirmed and are posted on the provincial website. o August 25/26 Big Beaver o Sept 1/2 Rosthern o Sept 8/9 OK Corral Martinsville o Sept 29/30 Wood Mountain Reminders • If any members or parents would like something posted in the monthly newsletter please feel free to contact Ty Skene. Items can be sent to before the last week of a month to be posted in the newsletter. • Applications for Horse & Athlete of the month can not be submitted online • The Saskatchewan High School Rodeo Association is happy to announce that the Provincial Finals will be held at the OK Corral in Martinsville, May 31-June 3, 2018  Schedule: • Thurs May 31 5:30 PM Jr Roll call 6:00 pm Performance • Friday June 1 8:30 am Hs Roll Call, 9 am Hs Performance, 3 pm Jr Performance, 7 PM Season Leader Awards & Grad • Saturday June 2 9:00 am Jr Performance (Short go) Awards following rodeo end. 230 PM Hs Performance • Sunday June 3 10:00 am Hs Short go & Awards following rodeo • Canadian Highschool Finals July 25028, 2018 Merit, BC • National Junior High Finals June 24-30, 2018 Huron South Dakota. • National High School Finals July 15-21, 2018 Rocksprings Wyoming. • Saskatchewan is preparing to possibly host Canadians in 2020. If you are interested in assisting on a planning committee, please contact Chris & Kim Quam Cinch Team • High School  Captains: Ty Skene Amy Bowditch  Saddle Bronc : Chanse Sjogren  Bareback: Liam Marshall  Barrel Racing: Amy Bowditch  Breakaway: Paige Mizu  Tie down Roping: Colt Kornfeld  Goat Tying: Brandy Fettes  Steer Wrestling: Dawson Loewen  Bull Riding: Jud Colliness  Team Roping: Chase Quam Kobe Kmita  Pole Bending: Sarah Demmans  Reined Cow Horse: Danita Esmond  Light Rifle: Beverly Bakus  Trap: Ty Skene  Queen Contest: Shelby Lockie • Junior High  Captains: Kolby Skene Lara Bierbach  Chute Dogging: Cash Anderson  Girls Breakaway: Madelyn Taylor  Boys Breakaway: Dylan Gee  Ribbon Roping: Hayden Bigney Gracie Hillrud  Bull Riding: Trinity Bear  Barrel Racing: Mackenzie Shauf  Team roping: Colter Froshaug Kolby Skene  Girls Goat Tying: Lara Bierbach  Boys Goat Tying: Conner Box  Pole Bending: Kate Anderson  BAC Bareback: Kegan Kmita  BAC Saddle Bronc: Cyson Romanow  Light Rifle: Gage Hillis Fun Facts: • Fun fact: As per the NHSRA Rule book page 54 section 7.9 “ Barrels are not to be used as stands for the electric timers”. This is in effect for all timed events that use the electric timers. 2017 AGM Minutes

Wood Mountain 2017 AGM • Meeting is called to order at 5:41 • Introduction of adult board Opening remarks from newly elected president/Ryan Naming off all board members/adult executive • Intro of student executive/student at large Amy/Shana/Ty/Shelby all give introductions • Reading and adoption of minutes Mark Gee makes motion to adopt minutes and Jan Legault 2nd • National directors report NEW Jerk down rule Description of the disciplinary action by board • Treasurers report read by LeeAnne Skene on behalf of Koralie Gaudrey • Michelle does breakdown of points and AVG points for finals • 1 rodeo for jr to enter finals OR minimum of 1 PT 4 rodeos for hs to enter finals |OR minimum of 1 PT • Sponsorship and awards- Dawn Hillrud Agribition 50/50 organizer search Possibility of family working per day? • Fundraising-LeeAnne Skene Explanation of Agribition 50/50 Looking for new fundraiser ideas(versus $100 50/50 tickets) • Deb McClintock makes a motion to redo the $100 50/50 fundraiser and have every family take as many tickets as they where suitable with. -Mention of a truck and trailer raffle Jan Legault 2nd the motion All in favour-everyone All opposed-no one • Online auction will go ahead again for this season • Carla Froshug makes a motion that we do the online Facebook auction from January to April 2018. Lynn Dunham 2nd • Natasha Romanow makes a motion to start the Facebook auction at thanksgiving and close it Agribition Lisa Lockie 2nd the motion • Fall wins the vote • New business overview Clarification of 2&1 handed steer riding Injured roping partners rule passing Natasha Romanow speaks that the junior members work just as hard as high school members and that why should the high school members get saddles as a prize when the juniors don’t. Or potentially switch up the prizes for the rough stock events (bareback riggin, bronc saddle…ETC). another option would be too save money on rather than giving out saddles at finals to utilize that money and spread it out throughout the rodeos so there is prizes at every rodeo and not leave it up to the committees. • Committee for awards Natasha Romanow Deb McClintock Jocelyn • Recommended membership vote on finals 30 people for wood mountain 0 for Rosthern A LOT for Martinsville • Clothing order will be placed after big beaver, please contact Lisa Lockie to place an order. Meeting is adjourned at 6:58 Nipawin AGM Agenda May 2018

Saturday May 19, 2018 – Nipawin, Sk SHSRA Mission Statement: To create a positive environment for members to grow and further their education. • Meeting called to Order • Introduction of the Directors at Large o Walt Lockie - National Director o Ryan Froshaug - President o Lawrence Gaudry * - Vice President o Wayne Resch - 2nd Vice President o Dale Anderson * o Greg Belisle * o Tyler Kmita * o Terry Edwards o Tannis Keeley o Chris Quam o Clayton Schira • Introduction of our Student Executive o President – Amy Bowditch o Vice – President – Shana Froshaug o Secretary – Ty Skene o Queen – Shelby Lockie o Student at Large - Demmans • Reading and adoption of the 2017 AGM Meeting • National Director’s Report - Walt Lockie o Canadians & Nationals Update • Treasurer’s Report • Awards & Sponsorship – Dawn Hillrud • Fundraising o $100 50/50 tickets will be distributed to all members in the fall. Motion passed at mid-winter meeting o Other fundraising ideas? • New Business - NHSRA claim your Online Membership: Lee Anne - Canadian High School Rodeo Finals Planning Update - Treasurer Position: Ryan - Board of Director Nominations to fill Director Seats #1, #2, #3, #4, Student Executive - Board Development & Succession Planning - Student & Adult Event Directors • Adjournment Event Director Duties

Duties of SHSRA Event Directors Compiled May 2018 Thanks to the help of the Current Event Directors General Rules Applicable to All Directors: Know the rules of your event Be present in the arena If you can’t be there, find a replacement Wear western attire Breakaway Adult Breakaway Director -make sure the Student Director has provided string -be present in the arena and be aware of event rules in case of discrepancies. - tug on each contestant’s string before they ride in the box to make sure it is secure (most important ) - it is the contestant’s responsibility to have a white flag at the end of the rope but it is good to double check for them Student Breakaway Director - needs to have string cut before the girls and boy’s breakaway and hanging behind the chutes for the kids before the rodeo. o (buy from the dollar store. It’s called “store string“and comes in pink, green, orange.) o Cut the string the length from your finger tips to your elbow. o Burn the ends so they don’t fray. -The junior breakaway director needs to be in the arena during the senior breakaway to help with the event and lining calves and vice versa. - Watch each run and be available to address any problems - Make sure to remind the Adult Event Director to check all strings before the competitor goes into the box Tie Down Roping Tie Down Roping Director - make sure that the calves are suitable - make sure that the calves have been tied Ribbon Roping Adult Ribbon Roping Director - Supply Ribbon for the calf’s tail. - Make sure somebody is there to tie the half hitch with the ribbon on the calf’s tail. Chute Dogging/ Steer Wrestling Adult Chute Dogging and Steer Wrestling Directors - Inspect cattle - Organize chute doggers/steer wrestlers to throw cattle prior to the rodeo performance (if needed) - Make recommendations if an animal needs to be pulled from the draw. - Be present in the arena - Know the rules of the event - Be prepared to listen to a complaint or issue from a competitor if he feels he has been fouled Student Chute Dogging and Steer Wrestling Directors - Assist the Adult Event Director in organizing the other competitors to throw the chute dogging and steer wrestling cattle - Pay attention to the other contestant’s runs and be available in case they want to question the Adult Event Director and Judge about something that happened with their run. Roughstock Adult Roughstock Director - Inspect stock ensuring they meet qualifications of the NHSRA rulebook - Help the kids with their equipment - Help them in the chutes - Watch their rides: looking for even bucking stock and getting fouled at the chute - Communicate with the Student Roughstock director and be mediator between contestants and judges Goat Tying Adult Goat Tying Director Equipment bag is provided just need to always have: • 2- 10 ft goat ropes • 2- goat pegs • 100ft measuring tape • Couple rolls of flag tape • Extra clips for goat ropes • Electrical Tape Duties: • Marking of pattern 100 ft score line(seriously easiest pattern to mark) you and Junior Director usually work together, once you know where the barrel and pole markers are just make sure they can’t interfere with the goat rope. • Standing with the judge, make sure to walk with the judge to watch the tie because if there is any discrepancies you also have visual. • Always keep a rule book with you in the arena. • Make sure if it’s a new goat contractor you need to be sure that goats have been tied 5 times prior to rodeo. • Make sure the ground is safe, if it’s deep ground and gets pretty rutted up, talk to arena director and judge about raking after every 10 for contestant’s safety. • Make sure once the contestant is done they stand directly behind the judge with their horse till it’s safe for them to leave the arena. • Make sure the goat tag is matched to what is on judge’s sheet and also the contestant coming into the arena are in order. Student Goat Tying Director - Helps with the holding and changing of the goats during the rodeo. - Helps bring goats to and from the arena (if needed) Barrel Racing Adult Barrel Racing Director - Always know the rule book, particularly the rules for the Barrel Racing event - Work with Student Director(usually the week before the rodeo) to set up the time and date to mark the pattern for the upcoming rodeo. - Once that time and date is set, be there to mark the pattern and check arena for any potential concerns or safety issues. This would include, but not limited to, ground conditions, alley ways (both entering and exiting the arena), making sure there are 3 barrels that are useable as per rule book, having a short meeting with the barrel reps for the day to make sure they know that they need to be available to work, check with committee to see what they will be using to rake arena during the event (once this is known you may need to do further follow up if other work needs to be completed either prior to or during the rodeo), set the rake draw. - During the rodeo - get judges sheet from judge to mark penalties and keep track of rake draw (in other words checking to make sure the right number of contestants have gone between rakes). - Watch the event (be in the arena during the event) in case of discrepancy, as the event director may have to be involved in final decision making on a ruling with the judges and arena director. You are also a point of contact if contestant wishes to speak to the judge (as per the rule book). Student Barrel Racing Director •carry barrel covers and timers to and from each rodeo •carry a marking bag (markers, tapes, hammer, shovel, etc.) •mark barrel pattern prior to each rodeo with adult directors and barrel reps •organize helpers in arena for the barrel racing (barrel reps) •be in arena paying attention to barrel racing and be able to settle any disputes in the event with help of adult directors Pole Bending Adult Pole Bending Director -Liaison between judges/arena director, and student pole bending director and contestants -collaborate with Student directors and Jr Adult director for pole marking times for rodeos -ensure Student director has list of reps for each rodeo lined up -support Student director to ensure reps are there to assist with marking pattern and helping during Jr pole events -make decision on when raking of arena between contestant runs will be -be in arena during Pole Bending event to be aware of each run and what judge’s ruling is on runs in order to answer any concerns that may arise. -ensure there is someone to line up poles during pole bending event and call contestants -work with other event directors to remove markers after weekend rodeo performances are complete Junior Pole Bending Adult Director - Helping mark pole pattern - Setting up poles and timers during perf. - Standing with judge and writing times down and keeping track of numbers until the rake. - Any disputes contestants have from perf go to student director then the student director to adult director before the judge is approached Student Pole Bending Director: After Rodeo draw has been posted, designate 2 Senior high students to be the pole bending helpers and post on the SHSRA facebook page. A helper is responsible for showing up and assisting with the measuring and marking of the pole bending pattern at the time chosen by adult director. A helper is to be in the arena to assist with lining poles during junior performances. The student Director is to be at arena during high school pole bending in case any concerns arise. Adult Shooting Director - To organize as many shooting events as possible to provide opportunity and experience for interested students, in a safe environment or shooting range. - Verify that each student has completed a Hunter Safety Program. - The director can request sponsorship from various hunting and outdoor stores for ammunition, safety gear, clay targets, and prizes. - Submit shooting results to Rodeo secretary. Adult Reined CowHorse Director - Offer a minimum of 3 events at the Qualifying level. - Promote this event and encourage students to become involved. - Organize Finals within 60 days of other SHSRA Finals. - Post on website the event dates. - Arrange for clinician and judge. - Submit results to SHSRA secretary. Student Cowhorse Director: - Promote this event and advertise events that have been planned. - Be in arena during event to settle any concerns that may arise

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